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WHO GATE Workshop in Milan April 27-29

In April 27-29 2015 AAATE was present at a workshop organised by the WHO GATE Initiative and the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation. The goal of the workshop was to make a first draft of a list of priority assistive technology. The WHO intends to recommend member countries to provide or subsidise the assistive technology from the list to citizens.
Similar workshops will be held in other continents and referrals with experts will be done before the list will be published or decided on by the WHO general assembly.
In the workshop, a tentative list was presented to participants who were told to add any important AT that was missing. After that prioritised AT were chosen by votes. For the AT that had the highest votes, participants worked in small groups to name them properly, describe them and identify whether they would need referral to professionals our handed out by community workers who are given shorter training.
The AAATE board prepared a position memo to assist the WHO in prioritizing for the list of priority assistive technology: